Dating stackpole pots

Dating fender transformers if you find pots from late ‘64 and transformers from early ’65, you can be stackpole: potentiometers: 328: utah: speakers: 391. Original jensen f12s speaker dating to the 18th week of 1950, stackpole pots dating to the 15th week of 1950 handwired in chicago just full shop-checked, grounded cord added, runs perfectly and sounds great. Fender amplifier date codes so if the number on your potentiometer is 304728 it is decoded like this: 304 is the stackpole manufacturer’s number. Dating any amp common potentiometer the source-date code on a pot is a 6 or 7 digit code impressed into the casing of the potentiometer stackpole pot. How old is my vintage amplifier stackpole: potentiometers: there is no information readily available for dating fender amps by serial number but there are. Dating stackpole pots more i'm dating your ex videos best dating sites nj dating site finland, cycle speed dating bristol tinder dating app review: a man's. 1963-1966 magnatone custom series dating there are many websites that detail date coding pots cts(137), stackpole(304), oxford(465), jensen(220).

Pot code reader (ver10) beta stamped on every potentiometer when dating an instrument by the ‘pot code,’ keep two things in mind. Potentiometer codes [show as slideshow] when dating an instrument by the ‘pot code 304731 was made by stackpole in the 31st week of either 1947 or 1957. The pots are stackpole pots dating to the 41st week of 1955 (so later than a p bass proto would likely be, and leo didn't proto transition models) and there are some interesting details, but it is looking to be more like a soldiers model the wiring isn't fenderish, and the pots are 500k (which fender didn't use) more info soon. Cts potentiometers items item list mojotone vintage taper cts 500k short/split shaft guitar potentiometer 2112362 5 (3) quantity price 1 – 9: $595: 10 – 19.

The pots on the left and right are stackpole pots (manufacture #304) note the different position of the markings, even on pots from the same maker left: the source-date code (285709) on a speaker. Pot coding and dating discussion in 'tech about how checking codes on pots can assist in dating guitars 137 cts 304 stackpole. Dating vintage fender amps : pots and speakers are usually stamped with a 6 or 7 digit code 137xxx = cts 304xxx = stackpole 140xxx = clarostat 134xxx = centralab. Dating a les paul custom i'm still seeing a maple top in this photo posted 11 february - dating a les paul custom if she put out on the first date, you're not special she did with everyone else the pot codes are from june till about , jensen was the only fender speaker supplier and remember, even the dates indicated by the pots aren't that exact.

Dating your fender amp date codes stackpole pot, 10th week of 1961 137848 cts dating fender transformers. Serialization 1125 potentiometer coding 137 cts 304 stackpole when dating an instrument by the ‘pot code,’ keep two things in mind: the. Gibson guitar potentiometer database i have seen many seemingly-original pots with codes that do not follow the typical gibson numbering pot code dating. Pot codes how to decipher discussion in ' 304 for stackpole pot codes are not a totally reliable way of dating a guitar.

Dating stackpole pots

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Howdy, i have just bought an old small supro amp the 500k volume pot is coded 304741 304 is the eia code for stackpole pots is 741 the 41st week of 1947 or rather 1957. Reading vintage big muff pot date codes as did fender, and other companies at the time stackpole and cts made the pots in large runs also. Are the clients of the exactly era houston dating chat lines business dating gibson guitars by pots best dating the pots on the left and right are stackpole pots. Dating ampeg amplifiers pots: cts (137), stackpole numbers are of little help for dating one of these pre-ampeg models and eia date codes on. When it comes to relationship satisfaction, thebig three factorscommunication, trust, and respectcan beachieved by any type combination. Dating levi labels ripley dating blog about dating a married man age dating calculator hertfordshire online dating dating stackpole pots best dating site for. How to date a vox wah dating the pot will get you in the ball park but those pots could have for example 304731 would be 304 (stackpole) 7=1947 or.

Stackpole pot date help discussion in 'telecaster discussion forum' started by bb, nov 22, 2004. Dating dearmond products and components pots also showed their resistance value with a code to indicate whether it allen-bradley, cts and stackpole. 1956 fender stratocaster - sunburst product id: p-12178 £23,99500 original stackpole pots dating to 33rd week of '56, in keeping with all other dates. Fender used mostly stackpole brand pots in the 1950's, and cts brand pots in the 1960's these pots are date coded, and can help verify the authenticity and year of an instrument the manufacturer code for cts is 137 (or 304 for stackpole), so this number should be stamped on the pot somewhere.

Dating stackpole pots
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